Corporate bonds

2 ETFs to watch for outsized volume on corporate bonds and healthcare ETFs – July 29, 2022

During the last trading session, Wall Street offered a decent performance. Among the best ETFs, (TO SPY Free Report) gained 1.3%, (IAD Free report) added 1% and (QQQ Free report) rose about 1% during the day.

Two more niche ETFs are worth noting, as they both saw trading volume well outside of normal. In fact, both of these funds recorded volume levels that were more than double their average for the last trading session. This could make these ETFs ones to watch in the coming days to see if this trend of additional interest continues.

(CVIT Free report): Volume 3.25 times the average

This corporate bond ETF was in the spotlight with around 19.74 billion shares traded against an average of 6.1 million shares per day. We also saw some price movement, with VCIT gaining 1% in the last session. VCIT up 4.2% over the past month.

(XHS Free report): Volume 5.60 times the average

This healthcare services ETF was under scrutiny as nearly 35,000 shares changed hands. This compares to an average trading volume of around 6,000 shares and came as XHS gained 0.3% in the last trading session. The XHS increased by 13.6%.