7 gifts you can give to your loved ones without breaking the bank

There are many gifts that you can give to your loved ones without breaking the ban. It has been said that the value of a gift or its value is not determined by size or price, but by the heart of the giver.

Buying gifts for your loved ones once in a while is not a waste of money, but a show of gratitude for the gift of those people in your life and it is an act that cannot be forgotten in a jiffy.

It’s high time to erase the belief that our loved ones only deserve gifts on special occasions such as their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, graduation ceremonies, etc.

Giving gifts to your loved ones from time to time really shows that you love and appreciate them.

To show that you really appreciate your loved ones, here are seven gifts you can give them without breaking the bank.

1. Cards

Even though the idea of ​​getting cards for our loved ones seems to be fading due to new products in the market, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if that’s what you can afford.

Getting a card with perfectly inscribed words that show how special that person is to you is a perfect gift and it’s a good choice as it can be hung up or placed on a table where your loved ones can see them daily.

2. A bouquet

Another gift you can give your loved ones without breaking the bank is a bouquet of flowers. This gift can work magic on your loved ones beyond your imagination, women in particular.

So, walking into a flower shop to give a bouquet of flowers to your loved ones is another amazing gift, especially when you want a gift on a budget.

It should also be noted that flowers have different meanings they cross according to their type and color.

You can give it a try and see how blown away your loved ones will be.

3. Lunch

Inviting a loved one to lunch is another gift you can give them without breaking the bank. This meal can be specially prepared by you, ordered from a restaurant or you can take them to a restaurant of their choice or to a restaurant you can afford.

Having that lunch at home can be accompanied by watching a good movie or playing video games afterwards. This will definitely be appreciated as they not only enjoyed a sumptuous meal but also spent some quality time with you.

4. Ticket to a cinema

If you have loved ones who are huge fans of good movies, a movie ticket is definitely an amazing gift for them. You can pick a weekend and surprise them by taking them to see a movie they can’t wait to see that’s available in theaters.

Alternatively, you can stream any movie you want on Netflix while you all enjoy it from the comfort of your home.

5. Data plan or airtime

One of the cheapest gifts you can give your loved ones is data subscription or airtime. There are different categories of data subscriptions or airtime that you can get for your loved ones from the different telecommunications companies in the country.

If you are using MTN for example, when you dial *131#, option 7 displayed is labeled “buy gift data” and this is a data plan meant to be purchased or shared with loved ones.

6. A bottle of wine

Another gift you can give your loved ones without breaking the bank is a bottle of wine. It is preferably for men.

Going to visit a loved one with a bottle of wine in your hands is another great gift, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve seen it.

7. Personalized holy book

Another gift I’ve seen people give their loved ones without spending too much is a personalized Bible or Quran.

To do this, you can either personalize the person’s name on the holy book or have their photo printed on the first page of the holy book.

Making a gift for loved ones is not an act that forces you to ruin yourself or exceed your financial capacities. You can get gifts they will cherish forever even with what you think is little amount.

Always remember that when it comes to giving a gift to your loved ones, it’s your heart that counts and not the size or price of the gift.