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A native of Florence writes a book on the importance of a good credit score | Local News

Dionne Perry, a Florence native living in Atlanta, wrote a book for teens about understanding the importance of a credit score.



FLORENCE, SC – Dionne Perry has learned the hard way about the importance of a good credit rating.

While attending Florence-Darlington Technical College early in her college career, Perry said she was offered several credit cards. Not fully understanding the importance of timely payments, Perry charged for items that she was not always able to reimburse in a timely manner.

Later in her life, when she went to make a major purchase, she couldn’t because of her credit rating. His credit rating had been affected by his inability to make timely payments.

Perry said it taught him a lesson.

She began to read and find out as much as she could about credit scores, which led her to write and publish a book, “Credit-Lit”, for teenagers about how credit scores credit affect every decision they make in the future.

“They don’t teach credit scores in school,” she said.

Perry said kids deserve to learn how the credit process works before they get credit cards and go into debt. She said her book helps them navigate the process.

“I started teaching people the importance of a good credit score,” she said. “Your credit score is the most important number in your life. You can’t do anything without it. Utility companies look at your credit score before giving you electricity. All financial decisions are based on your credit score.