Afghanistan: World Bank announces more than $1 billion in aid

The funds, which will be disbursed in the form of grants, aim to “support the delivery of essential basic services, protect vulnerable Afghans, help preserve human capital and key economic and social services and reduce the need for humanitarian assistance at the future,” the Washington-based lender said in a statement.

The bank suspended its aid to Kabul at the end of August after the return to power of the extremist Islamist Taliban.

ARTF is a multi-donor fund that coordinates international aid to improve the lives of millions of Afghans. It is administered by the World Bank on behalf of donor partners.

Until the Taliban took power, the ARTF was the largest source of development funding for Afghanistan, funding up to 30% of the government budget.

Because the World Bank is unable to provide money directly to the Taliban regime – which is not recognized by the international community – it has redirected the funds to organizations like the United Nations agency for the Childhood in Response to Humanitarian Crisis.

The Afghan people have faced food shortages and growing poverty since the Taliban took power.

The goal of the new aid is to “protect vulnerable Afghans (and) help preserve human capital and key economic and social services”, the World Bank said.