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Hackers Anonymous has threatened to release 35,000 files it hacked from Russia’s Central Bank in the next 48 hours in its latest attack to ‘punish’ the country

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Russia: Anonymous declare cyber war against Putin amid invasion

Anonymous claim to have hacked into Russia’s central bank in the latest attack in their “all-out war” against Vladimir Putin.

The group said it carried out the attack on Wednesday evening and threatened to release tens of thousands of secret documents to the world within the next 48 hours.

They tweeted: “JUST IN: The #Anonymous collective hacked the Central Bank of Russia.

“More than 35,000 files will be released within 48 hours with secret agreements. #OpRussia.

The group did not specify what it was about or the possible ramifications of their publication.

He added: “For the record, #Anonymous does not support any kind of political parties, political leaders or religion.

“We support freedom fighters, we support citizens of all countries who need help and who are under the repression of dictatorship.

“The revolution is now. A love.”

The hack is the latest attack on Russia by the group


NurPhoto via Getty Images)

It is the latest attack on Russia since the outbreak of war a month ago today, when the group pledged to “punish” Moscow for its illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Over the past four weeks, Anonymous’ cyber war against the Kremlin has also included the hacking of their government’s website and state-owned media channels, showing images of the misery caused by its soldiers in the besieged Ukraine.

The regular homepages of the state news agencies Tass, Kommersant and Izvestia were replaced with anti-war messages.

The message read: “Dear citizens. We urge you to stop this madness, do not send your sons and husbands to certain death. Putin lies to us and puts us in danger.

Anonymous previously called on Russians to stand up against the war



“We were isolated from the whole world, they stopped buying oil and gas. In a few years we will live like in North Korea.

“What is it for us? Putting Putin in the textbooks? This is not our war, let’s stop it!”

“This post will be deleted, and some of us will be fired or even jailed. But we can’t take it anymore.

“Indifferent journalists from Russia.”

In another online attack, Russian websites started streaming traditional Ukrainian folk songs.

Previous hacks have been described as “gifts” to Vladimir Putin


by Reuters)

Anonymous said it was taking the sites offline as a “gift” to Putin after ignoring their earlier demands to step down and restore the rights of the Ukrainian people.

In a message directly to the Russian president, a member of the hacking group said: “We are obviously waiting for you to respond to our last request, but we are increasingly impatient for you to drag your feet.

“Unfortunately, it appears that you have chosen to ignore our presence and so we have decided to dedicate and operate specifically for you.

“A kind of gift.”

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