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Apple device users, BEWARE! The company does not accept debit and credit cards for payments in India. here’s why

New Delhi: Tech giant Apple has stopped accepting card payments for subscriptions and app purchases using Apple ID in India, Gadgets 360 reported. This means users can no longer purchase apps from the App Store, get Apple subscriptions like iCloud+ and Apple Music, or buy any media content from Apple using their Indian credit or debit card. So why this change? This is actually the result of new Reserve Bank of India (RBI) direct debit rules that came into effect last year and are disrupting recurring online transactions.Also Read – Apple, Google and Microsoft Announce Plans to Expand Support for Passwordless Logins

Several Apple users have complained on Twitter about the removal of credit and debit card option from the payment methods Apple accepts in India for purchases using Apple ID. Users who have already added a card as a payment method to their account are also unable to make new payments through their Apple ID, as the company displays an error stating: “This type of card is no longer supported” . Also Read – ‘No Flexibility at All’, Apple’s Employee 2-Day Work-From-Home Policy. Details inside

What does Apple say about the problem?

Apple’s support page listing available payment methods in each country shows that the company currently only supports netbanking, UPI, and Apple ID balance as three options for receiving payments. The change went into effect in April, according to another support page on the Apple site. Also Read – Parliamentary panel to summon Google, Twitter and representatives of other big tech companies to discuss their conduct

“Regulatory requirements in India apply to the processing of recurring transactions. If you have an Indian debit or credit card and have a subscription, these changes impact your transactions. Some transactions may be declined by banks and card issuers,” the company said on its support page detailing the update.

How do the new RBI rules affect Apple and its users?

  1. The regulatory requirements, which are essentially the new direct debit rules implemented by RBI in October, limit Apple to receiving recurring payments from users in India via credit and debit cards.
  2. The change also pushes the iPhone maker to accept transactions via UPI and netbanking – the two features it introduced for its users in the country last year.
  3. The new rules require merchants like Apple to set up an e-mandate for customer cards. Customers must also use two-factor authentication and set up a new electronic mandate for recurring payments.
  4. The rules also require customers to give their consent whenever they have to pay a subsequent payment above Rs 5,000.
  5. In addition, the processing of systems with the given requirements still needs to be updated to a large extent. All of this makes it difficult for Apple to continue supporting card payments.