Credit cards

Best credit cards of February 2022 | Personal finance

Flexible tips

We also researched credit cards that let you redeem rewards in multiple ways, or at the very least could be redeemed for statement credits to cover purchases. Keep in mind that there are also many excellent airline and hotel credit cards, which you should consider if you prefer to earn points in a specific loyalty program.

Reasonable spending requirements

While sign-up bonuses were the main factor we considered, we also made sure that the cards on this list came with a reasonable minimum spend requirement. For cards with higher requirements, we made sure the bonus earned was worth it.

Understandable annual fees

Finally, we took a close look at annual fees and what cardholders can expect in return in terms of perks and benefits. Most of the credit cards that offer the best bonus offers charge annual fees, so we haven’t counted them. Instead, we’ve made sure the annual fee makes sense in terms of the value you might receive in return.

Call out: A factor that we does not have to consider in this ranking is each credit card’s annual percentage rate, or APR. Since rewards credit cards that offer bonus offers charge high interest rates, you shouldn’t seek out rewards or bonus offers if you plan to carry over a balance. The credit card offers explained on this page only make sense if you intend to pay your credit card bill in full each month.