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Burglar stole Louis Vuitton, Gucci and credit cards in Carlisle

A mum who robbed Carlisle homes, snatched designer bags and also cash cards she tried to use herself, missed her son’s birthday while on remand.

Angelina Warnke, 40, delivered a tearful address to a City Crown Court judge who was due to sentence her today (Wednesday) for a series of break-ins and dishonest crimes spanning seven days in mid-June.

Warnke had admitted ten offenses during a hearing in the magistrates’ court last month.

Her case was sent for trial in Crown Court, where she was due to be punished this morning.

Warnke had pleaded guilty to three burglaries: at Garfield Street, Denton Holme, on June 12; Linton Close, off Lindisfarne Street, on June 14; and Pennine Gardens, off Pennine Way, Harraby, five days later.

Court documents show his loot included Louis Vuitton bags, a Gucci wallet, a driver’s license, keys, cash and several bank cards.

Warnke also admitted six offenses of fraud by false representation – using other people’s bank cards for his own gain, once at an ASDA store on the same date as one of the burglaries.

She further admitted a charge of interference with a vehicle involving a Renault Clio on June 14.

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Warnke was taken into custody due to the seriousness of a series of crimes committed in the presence of occupiers and within a short period of time.

But the defendant’s hopes of finding out her fate today were dashed when Judge Ian Unsworth QC heard there was no official interpreter to assist the Polish national.

Only an interpreter appointed by the defense appeared in court, which was not considered sufficient.

Still, he helped Warnke as she made tearful comments in her native language during the 10-minute hearing.

“I understand what is being said, I’m just really sad,” she said, adding that she was offensive

“I can’t explain why it happened, because I’m not a bad person. I was doing a lot of good things in Poland.

Warnke also said: “I’m just sad because my son had his birthday yesterday. I couldn’t wish him ‘all the best’.

Adjourning the case later this week, the judge told him: “I understand that you want to know what is going on as soon as possible and I have already seen a pre-sentence report (from the probation service) which sets out the background that you just mentioned to.

“On Friday, Mr. (Lawyer, Jeff) Smith will be able to explain these matters to me in detail.”

“Rest assured that the fact that I adjourned this matter will not harm you in any way.”

Warnke, of Rydal Street, Carlisle, will remain in custody in the meantime.

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