Central Ave water main breaks the bank for Charlotte area business owners

CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — There’s construction everywhere in Charlotte and it’s usually a welcome sign that the city is growing, but along Central Avenue it’s just another headache for homeowners. ‘business.

The construction is the view that Diana Chiaravalloti, owner of Juice Bar, has had in recent days.

“We need water every moment of the day,” she said. “We use a ton.”

The second water main break in two weeks on Central Avenue is fueling the frustration of area business owners.

“It happened so often that I had to buy special insurance to cover the loss of water,” said Ryan Grant, co-owner of Moo & Brew. “I’m just waiting now to file a claim because I don’t know when it will be over,” he said.

Every time the water is cut off, the revenue stream also decreases.

“I mean, thousands of dollars,” Grant said, “and then nobody gets to work, so the workers don’t get paid.”

“It’s in the thousands,” Chiaravalloti said.

The last water main break occurred last Thursday. Today, the crews were still carrying out repairs.

“They fixed the pipe, it looked like they had paved over it, but they’re here again today to walk up the street,” Chiaravalloti said.

What happens inside is under their control. The construction, however, is out of their hands, as well as any future projects to come.

“Charlotte is growing so fast and it’s not just water,” Grant said. “It’s the traffic. You can’t walk down the street and not see orange cones somewhere. Just ready to ride out those growing pains.

Charlotte Water says the street will reopen on Tuesday and, God willing, no more water main breaks.