Corporate bonds

Corporate bonds, new listings in preparation for the Athens stock exchange

At the same time, important developments are underway for the first half of 2022, with new quotes on the Alternative Market, two new maritime bonds, while for the first time a major food distributor will also issue a bond.

At a time of tremendous change across many industries, amid acquisitions, transactions and new trade deals, Greek companies are showing they are adapting in an effort to take full advantage of the strong Greek asset dynamics. . In the midst of this situation, the Athens Stock Exchange returns to center stage as a lever for corporate growth and as a mechanism for providing liquidity to listed and unlisted companies.

Thereby, with additional liquidity of more than 500 million euros thanks to four new corporate bonds, the Athens Stock Exchange is expected to close in 2021, a historic year considered to be the most profitable and successful of many years.

At the same time, important developments are underway for the first half of 2022, with new listings on the Alternative Market, two new maritime obligations, while for the first time a large food retailer will also issue a bond. At the same time, during the first half of 2022, a large hotel group should be listed on the Main Market.

This is a very important development, because the tourism and hospitality in Greece – although being strong – are still not sufficiently represented on the stock market. In addition, the only hotel group listed is now Lampsa (Great Britain, King George, Athens Capital Hotel), after the departure of GEKE (President) and formerly of the Ionian Hotel (Hilton).

In the coming months, Eurochartiki should be listed on ATHEX. It will be the first industrial company to be listed on ATHEX. after many years, breaking a negative 15-year streak, where the market has lost companies without being replaced. The company belongs to the families of N. Christopoulos and I. Trakakis and the listing will be done with a capital increase and a capital increase.

Four bond issues

At the same time, according to stock market and banking sources, four new corporate bonds are being launched for 2021, which in total will increase liquidity. more than 500 million euros. Next week (Monday to Wednesday) a five-year shipping deposit from the company Capital Product Partners (CPLP) owned by Vangelis Marinakis, will be sold which aims to raise up to 150 million euros.

Then, with the issuance of a bond loan of up to 200 million euros, the group GEK TERNA is set to support its extensive ongoing investment program, while two real estate investment firms will also list corporate bonds on ATHEX. They are Premium Properties and New AEEAP, which belongs to the Viohalco group. Premia is in a phase of strong development after the entry of new investor Elias Georgiadis, having revalued his portfolio.

Noval AEEAP holds a portfolio of 40 buildings with a fair value of 390 million euros, an increase of 29% compared to the first half of 2020. Finally, the issue of a bond loan with listing on ATHEX. is thinking of a large company, a subsidiary of a leading industrial – metallurgical group in order to support investments.

For the new year, three to four listings on the alternative ATHEX market are planned, including one R Energy 1 by George Rokas,
R Energy 1 was founded in 2011 and since 2016 has been listed on the Cyprus SSC. Today, it is launching its entry into the Alternative Market Plus of ATHEX, with the Cypriot entrepreneur Aeonic Securities. As for the other companies that will be introduced in the Alternative Market, they come from the field of commerce, technology while one is a start-up.