Costume jewelry from the Bernadette Schaeffler collection turns heads without breaking the bank

Bernadette Schaeffler Collection, the Dallas-based luxury brand, specializes in high-end products of European origin: luxury homewares, elegant homewear, costume jewelry, handbags, and more. The product range of the online store presents the best centuries-old manufacturing traditions of Europe.

For nearly ten years, Bernadette had a store in the Dallas Design District, but her business has gone entirely online in the past two years. Bernadette’s affinity with luxurious and beautifully crafted one-of-a-kind objects began when she was young and living in Germany, her native country. She was born into a family of which five generations worked in the retail shoe business, received a top-notch business education and helped run the family business. After moving to the United States, Bernadette launched a business built around the European version of understated luxury that manifests in the carefully selected range of her online store. Bernadette Schaeffler’s collection combines class, elegance and style in one place.

Bernadette Schaeffler’s costume jewelry line stands out favorably from other costume jewelry brands because it offers far superior quality and design. In fact, it can be called semi-fine jewelry. One piece of fine jewelry can exceed the value of her entire wardrobe, whereas with fashion jewelry like Bernadette’s, a woman has the chance to look like a million dollars without splurging. Bernadette Schaeffler Collection offers jewelry and fashion accessories perfectly balanced in quality, design and price. The modern view of luxury, especially among the younger generation – Millennials and Gen Z – is more focused on sustainability than before. Bernadette Schaeffler’s costume jewelry, while offering superb design and quality, uses premium cubic zirconia which shares almost all of the spectacular properties of diamond and is difficult to distinguish from a diamond because it is made of powdered diamond. zirconium oxide under the same conditions as natural. the diamond forms under the earth’s crust. Cubic Zirconia is a 100% durable material, free from the often cloudy past of gemstones.

Among the standout pieces from Bernadette Schaeffler’s on-trend jewelry collection is the classic CZ-encrusted chain necklace, a gorgeous adornment sure to turn heads. The white pear stone dangling earrings, encrusted with large and small CZ’s, paired with the matching white pear stone dangling earrings form a beautiful and breathtaking combo. With these three pieces, you get the glam of the natural diamond without breaking the bank. The jewelry collection features less glamorous pieces, like the swirling gold earrings to go with a matching necklace for everyday wear and fun that would be a perfect addition to any outfit. Believers in the healing properties of the stones will find the pink rhodonite ring after their own hearts as it is a stone of compassion, an emotional balancer and aids in achieving one’s goals.

To learn more about the brand, including the fine jewelry collection, visit their website and Instagram.

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