Credit score

Easypaisa launches credit score visibility feature for customers

In a move that will reshape the way consumers access digital financial services, Easypaisa, Pakistan’s leading digital payment app, has launched an industry-first credit score visibility feature for its users. This innovative product will eventually open up a plethora of exciting opportunities for clients and educate them on best financial management practices.

Only customers eligible for Easycash loans will be able to view their Easypaisa credit score from the app. With this new feature, consumers can learn about their credit score and the impact of their digital payment behavior, credit profile if visible, savings, and subscriptions.

Commenting on this development, Mr. Mudassar Aqil, CEO of Easypaisa/Telenor Microfinance Bank said, “While as a country we are making great strides in financial inclusion, access to credit remains an area where the lack of literature on the economy does not exist. t enable the majority of Pakistanis to obtain formal credit from a financial institution. The introduction of credit score on the Easypaisa app is an exciting first step in our roadmap where every user will be empowered to understand what a credit score is and how they can achieve a higher score resulting in access credit on more favorable terms. This feature will also incentivize Easypaisa users to transact digitally and help move Pakistan towards a cashless economy.

Understanding credit score will not only empower customers financially, but will also help them be more aware of the benefits of improving their score. Khurram Waraich, Group Head, Digital Lending and Data Science, Easypaisa, said, “Our commitment to financial inclusion is unparalleled, and the Easypaisa Credit Score is the latest example of our efforts to raise awareness. and consumer transparency while giving them more control and freedom. .”

Launched shortly after the in-app Savings feature, Easypaisa’s innovative AI-powered credit scoring aims to improve livelihoods through financial literacy. Frequently breaking new ground in technology with features like these, Easypaisa remains committed to transforming Pakistan into a cashless and financially inclusive society through the power of collaboration and technology.