Fire outside Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta ruled arson, man in custody

Police said federal law enforcement arrested a man suspected of intentionally starting a fire outside the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta on Tuesday.

Arson investigators from Atlanta Fire Rescue responded to 1000 Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta.

Atlanta Police Department investigators said the man approached the Federal Reserve Bank building and appeared to begin pouring lighter fluid outside the main entrance. According to the police, he started a small fire.

Atlanta police said officers were called at 9:38 a.m. Atlanta police met with federal law enforcement, who had already extinguished the fire and detained the suspect.

The Atlanta Police Department has called investigators from the Homeland Security Unit since the incident occurred on federal land.

Police said the investigation was ongoing and did not provide details of the suspect’s motive or the charges against him.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta released a statement regarding the incident:

“The Atlanta Fed confirms that there was an incident outside of our building in Midtown Atlanta on Tuesday morning. We are grateful for the quick response from the Atlanta Fire Department and the Atlanta Police Department. Atlanta, as well as our law enforcement teams and Atlanta Fed facilities.. No injuries were reported and the exterior of the building sustained only minor smoke damage. We are helping with the investigation.Further updates on the incident will come from the Atlanta Police Department.