Fire south of Maricopa destroys tractor-trailers near church

A food bank near Maricopa is destroyed after a fire breaks out near one of the buildings.

The fire occurred on the afternoon of March 28 in an area west of Papago Road and State Route 347, southwest of Maricopa. Luckily, no one was hurt in this fire, but sadly, the Mountain View Community Church, which also functions as a food bank, has to come up with a plan B.

The fire destroyed six tractor-trailers filled with food.

“Pallets of canned food and crates of food,” Maricopa Deputy Fire Chief Christopher Bolinger said. “[The food] goes out to the public to help during this time of need.”

Church members say they had just finished distributing the items when the fire broke out. The church itself was unaffected by the fire, as volunteer fire crews arrived in time to put it out.

“The pantry will survive. It means a lot to the community around us. We serve about 1,000 families a week. I think the community will surround us,” said church member Mike Connelly.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. In the meantime, the church is drawing up a new plan to hold another food distribution for families this week.

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