Four-day bank holiday weekend for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee as nation told to throw party

Britain will get an extra four-day public holiday this summer to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and the nation is being urged to throw the biggest party ever.

2022 will be Her Majesty’s 70th year of Reign and the dates of June 2-5 will see a series of events to celebrate this unprecedented milestone.

The Queen will be the first sovereign to reign for seven decades and she will be 96 by the time the landmark is reached.

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There will be two additional public holidays, Thursday June 2 and Friday June 3, for the celebration – creating a four-day weekend.

It is hoped that millions of people will gather at street parties, hold a big Jubilee luncheon or gather across the county to thank the Queen for 70 years of service, but also to thank neighbours, family, friends , communities, the NHS and key workers for their support over the past year.

Celebrities Ross Kemp, Gary Lineker, Gareth Southgate, Levi Roots, Prue Leith, Alan Titchmarsh, Ellie Simmonds and Lorraine Kelly are among those supporting the Special Thanksgiving Day on Sunday June 5.

Former EastEnders actor Kemp said: ‘It’s mainly thanks to our queen who served for 70 years.

“His resilience became our resilience. His strength in difficult times has become our strength.

“His sense of duty has been reflected in so many things over the past two years.

“It’s a big thank you to her, but it’s also a big thank you, if you wish, to the NHS staff, the key workers, the people who have volunteered, the neighbors who have just come around and check people.”

He told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: ‘Damn, do we need a big party right now.

“While I’m here at the end of January, it’s great to have something to look forward to.

“But above all a huge thank you to an extraordinary woman who has led this country and the Commonwealth for the past 70 years with a steady hand.”

Amid the ongoing Downing Street party scandal during lockdown, Kemp joked: ‘You can bring cheese and wine, you can also bring a curry, but it’s not a business meeting, it’s It’s a party…it’s not a work event.”

The Day of Thanks, which started in 2021, was set up in recognition of those who have helped people through the Covid-19 pandemic.

This year it coincides with the four-day Queen’s Jubilee bank holiday weekend.

The day is supported by organizations such as Sport England, the FA, the National Lottery and the NHS.

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