Hometown Bank opens new branch in Saxton

BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – Hometown Bank is expanding its services to residents of Bedford County, adding its sixth branch to the borough of Saxton.

Banks and county officials launched their site on Friday afternoon. The new site is located next to Saxton Market on Main Street.

Hometown President and CEO Beth Manges said it will be a full-service branch. It will include an ATM, drive-thru ATM and general banking services.

The Independent Bank thought it would be the perfect location due to its convenience to the Saxton community. The bank has branches in Bedford, Everett, Martinsburg, Woodbury and Claysburg.

“Our location is perfect,” Manges said. “We’re going to build an L-shape out to Saxton Market. I think the location will be convenient for people. We are going to have a full service branch.

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Officials who spoke at the event described how this new branch would allow more people to come to Saxton and stimulate economic development in the borough. The new branch should open at the end of November.