How BJP unlocks Yadav vote bank as allies occupy Akhilesh

While many of its rivals are still busy dissecting their performance in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections this year, the victorious Bharatiya Janata party is already working on a roadmap for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The BJP is now trying to unblock the Yadav vote bank (OBC), which is a big factor in UP and Bihar. And some of its leaders think they may have just found the key.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s virtual speech on the 10th anniversary of Chaudhary Harmohan Singh Yadav’s death is seen as a milestone in BJP’s mega outreach to the community. Harmohan Singh, a former MP and close associate of Samajwadi party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav, was also the founder of the Yadav Mahasabha. After him, the baton was passed to Mulayam who later became Chief Minister of UP and even Defense Minister of India. Harmohan Singh’s influence also increased when Mulayam became CM in 1989. So much so that it seems people would call him “mini CM”, and Mulayam himself called him ” Chhote Sahib”.

“When the country’s democracy was crushed during the state of emergency, all major parties came together and fought to save the Constitution. Chaudhary Harmohan Singh Yadavji was also a fighting soldier in this struggle,” the prime minister said.

While Harmohan Singh Yadav was a former Samajwadi party MP, his son Sukhram Singh Yadav was also a member of Rajya Sabha. Harmohan remained active in politics for decades and held various positions as MLC, MLA, member of Rajya Sabha and National Chairman of Yadav Mahasabha. From Kanpur to Etawah, Kannauj, Farrukhabad, Firozabad and Agra in Uttar Pradesh, Chaudhary Harmohan Singh Yadav once dominated the Yadav ballot bank.

Now the BJP is apparently trying to get strong Yadav faces on its side to bolster its 2024 campaign at a time when there appears to be a rift in the SP armour.

The Yadav community includes the Dhosi, Kamariya, Gwal and Dadhor gotras, and to reach them, the BJP has already prepared a plan.

After Mulayam’s daughter-in-law Aparna and brother Shivpal’s inclination towards the BJP, Harmohan Singh’s family members closing in on the saffron party is seen as a major setback for the Samajwadi party, which has been during considered the first choice of Yadav voters for decades. . Harmohan’s grandson, Mohit, joined the BJP this year ahead of the UP assembly elections. And speculation erupted in April when the late leader’s son, Sukhram Singh Yadav, went to meet Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Sukhram recently criticized SP leader Akhilesh Yadav.

According to sources, the BJP is aiming to win all 80 Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh in 2024. After holding on to power in the state in this year’s assembly elections, the party has been eyeing the main vote bank Yadav of the Samajwadi party. After seizing the stronghold of SP Azamgarh in recent polls, the BJP has gained further strength in the region. About 12% of the Yadav community voted for the BJP in this year’s parliamentary elections and the party is seeking to broaden its base.

A total of 38 assembly seats and 10 Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh are considered Yadav-dominated. These include most of the constituencies of Etah, Etawah, Kannauj, Mainpuri, Farrukhabad and Kanpur Dehat districts. Political observers say the BJP is now eyeing those seats in its bid for a sweep in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

In order to reduce the influence of SP on these seats, a message could pass through the family of Harmohan Singh Yadav. However, while one of his sons, Sukhram, may have moved closer to the BJP, another part of the family is still with the Samajwadi Party. The sons of the late leader, Jagram Singh, a two-time MLA, and Abhiram Singh, who was a bloc leader, are in the SP. Apart from them, many relatives are still in the SP camp. Observers say it will be interesting to see if other members of the Harmohan family switch sides in the coming months.

Harmohan Singh Yadav, who started his journey from the Gram Sabha and continued to the Rajya Sabha, was among those who not only gave political power to Mulayam Singh Yadav but also helped establish the Samajwadi party. There was a time when the political strategies and even the cabinet of the PS government were decided from the house of Harmohan Singh Yadav. Now, it seems, preparations are underway to hoist the saffron flag there.

Speaking to News18, UP BJP spokesman Rakesh Tripathi said, “The BJP has continuously brought people into its fold from various sections of society, especially the big faces who have influence in their communities. On the other hand, if you look at the Samajwadi party, they are breaking their alliances instead of adding people.

So, will the inclination of Harmohan Singh Yadav’s family members yield results? “No caste is slave to any particular person or party. Harmohan ji had a good influence in Kanpur and Bundelkhand regions, he also led a large social organization (Yadav Mahasabha), and his image was clean Definitely, BJP will gain if his family comes with us. His son is already associated with BJP and has participated in various BJP programs. Now the whole family is coming with BJP and that will definitely help BJP,” Tripathi said. .

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