Inauguration ceremony just to facilitate land bank to industrialists, says Congress

On Friday, the Uttar Pradesh Congress alleged that the so-called groundbreaking ceremony in the name of the Bharatiya Janta Party government’s investment in nothing but facilitating a large multi-crore land bank to their industrial friends just for the price of pennies.

Making the above statements here on Friday afternoon, Party Spokesman Sanjay Singh said Yogi Adityanath’s government has moved the state off the path of development. He said the state government is holding Rs’ investors summit inauguration ceremony, with a lot of Rs’ propaganda but the 23 crore in Uttar Pradesh are unable to understand who is coming to invest in the state as until ‘now all these events organized earlier by Yogi Adityanath turned out to be mere Rs propaganda’ and nothing was seen on the ground.

“This dual-powered government has already held two investor summits in Uttar Pradesh, but Uttar Pradesh ranks third in the list of poorest states. The government did not say what the results were. from the previous summit and the impact of all the agreements on the ground,” Singh pointed out while adding that inflation and unemployment are at their peak right now, but the government is committed to making industrial friends happy in across the top.