Janata Bank launches ‘trees for its birthday’ campaign

Janata Bank launched a campaign to donate trees on birthdays as part of the Our Home Greening program.

Freedom fighter Md Abdus Salam Azad, managing director and managing director of the bank, inaugurated the campaign on Wednesday May 11, a press release read.

“We must take the initiative to plant trees in schools, colleges, roads, dams and abandoned areas to reduce global warming and protect the environment. At the same time, we must create greenery in our homes and our workplaces to reduce carbon emissions,” he said at a meeting marking the inauguration.

Abdus Salam urged everyone to distribute saplings as gifts on their birthdays.

Janata Bank prioritizes green banking, he added.

Mohammad Hossain, greening program coordinator and former managing director of Sonali Bank, said everyone should work together with dedication to accelerate greening activities.

“Under this program, three pilot projects have already been undertaken on a voluntary basis,” Hossain added.

DMDs of Janata Bank Md Abdul Jabbar, Sheikh Md Zaminur Rahman and Md Asaduzzaman, former DMD of Palli Sanchay Bank Md Shahidul Islam and other senior executives were present on the occasion.