Corporate bonds

Kwong Lung: To purchase Koutou’s private placement common unsecured corporate bonds.


1.Name and nature of the underlying security (if
 preferred shares, the terms and conditions of
issuance shall also be indicated, e.g., dividend
Koutou's first private placement unsecured ordinary corporate bonds in 2022
2.Date of occurrence of the event:2022/08/04
3.No., unit price, and monetary amount of the
4.Counterparty to the trade and its relationship to
the company (if the trading counterparty is a natural
 person and not a related party of the company,
its name is not required to be disclosed):
Koutou Co.,Ltd (associate)
5.Where the counterparty to the trade is a related
party, an announcement shall also be made of the
reason for choosing the related party as trading
counterparty and the identity of the previous owner,
including its relationship with the company and the
trading counterparty, the price of the ownership
transfer, and date of transfer:Investment
6.Where the owner of the underlying securities within
 the past five years has been a related party of the
 company, an announcement shall also include the
dates and prices of acquisition and disposal by the
 related party and its relationship with the company
 at the time:NA
7.Matters related to the creditor's rights currently
 being disposed of (including type of collateral of
 the disposed creditor's rights; if the creditor's
 rights are creditor's rights over a related party,
the name of the related party and the book amount of
such creditor's rights currently being disposed of
must also be announced):NA
8.Profit (or loss) from the disposal (not applicable
in cases of acquisition of securities) (where originally
 deferred, the status or recognition shall be stated
and explained):NA
9.Terms of delivery or payment (including payment
period and monetary amount), restrictive covenants
in the contract, and other important stipulations:
Payment period: before 2022/8/18
Monetary amount: NT$50,000,000
Other important stipulations:
(1) Issuance period: five years from 2022/8/18 to 2027/8/17
(2) Coupon rate: 2.5%
(3) Repay the principal outright
(4) The issuance company can repurchase all or partial corporate bonds
ahead of maturity when necessary.
10.The manner in which the current transaction was
decided, the reference basis for the decision on
price, and the decision-making unit:
Approved by the Board of Directors
11.Net worth per share of company of the underlying
securities acquired or disposed of:NA
12.The discrepancy between the reference price of
private placement company and the transaction amount
per share is 20 percent or more:NA
13.Restrictions (e.g., pledges) on cumulative no.,
amount, and shareholding ratio and rights of the
securities being traded (including the current transaction)
 as of the date of occurrence:NT$50,000,000
14.Privately placed securities (including the current
transaction) as a percentage of total assets of the
company and shareholder's equity of the parent
company on the latest financial statements, and
the operating capital on the latest financial statements
 as of the date of occurrence:
Percentage to total assets: 0.61%
Percentage to the equity attributed to the parent company: 1.01%
Operating capital:NT$196,531,000
15.Broker and broker's fee:none
16.Concrete purpose or use of the acquisition or
17.Whether the directors expressed any objection to
the present transaction:NO
18.Whether the trading counterparty is a related
19.Date of approval by board of directors:2022/08/04
20.Recognition date by supervisors or approval date by
audit committee:2022/08/04
21.Whether the CPA issued an opinion on the
unreasonableness of the current transaction:NA
22.Name of the CPA firm:NA
23.Name of the CPA:NA
24.License no. of the CPA:NA
25.Any other matters that need to be specified:none