Mangaluru: MCC Bank, Kulshekar Branch Holds Client Meeting

Press release

Mangaluru, September 11: On the occasion of the bank’s post-centenary 10-year celebration, a meeting with clients of MCC Bank Ltd, Kulshekar Branch, was held at Infant Mary Church Hall, Bajjody on Sunday, September 22.

The customer meeting was chaired by President Anil Lobo.

The meeting was opened by Father Rovel Shubdeep DSouza, director of the Sanctuary of the Child Jesus, Bikarnakatte, Mangaluru. Sr. Cecilia Mendonca BS, Provincial Superior, Bethany Congregation, J R. Lobo, Former MP, Mangaluru Constituency and President and CEO of M/s Cila Agrotech Private Ltd., were the main guests. Benet DSilva, owner. Ben’s and President of Pragathi Co-operative Society Ltd., Mangaluru, Ln Kusuma U Rao, Entrepreneur and President of Lions Club, Ashoknagar, Fr Clifford Fernandes, Pastor of Holy Cross Church, Cordel, Mangaluru were the guests of honor .

Father Rovel Shubdeep DSouza in his inaugural address congratulated the president, management and staff of the bank for the completion of 110 years of selfless service to society. He felt that India was going through a difficult time when the British rulers left the country. Among the many institutions founded before independence, some merged and others went bankrupt; but MCC Bank is still standing. He wished the bank more success in the coming days and wished the bank to see immense growth in the near future. He instructed the management to open overseas branches to reach our employees in foreign countries.

Sr. Cecilia Mendonca B S., believed that MCC Bank has been able to render selfless service to society only through cooperation and coordination between management and staff members. She compared the Bank to Saint Mother Theresa, for its service orientation. She expressed her appreciation for the friendly and cordial behavior of the staff members. She commended the Bank for its sustained customer service even at the time of the Covid pandemic which added feathers to the success and achievement of MCC Bank.

JR Lobo, congratulated the bank on the occasion of the post-centenary decennial celebration. He expressed that it is not easy for a financial institution to survive more than a century in this competitive world.

Father Clifford Fernandes in his speech said that hospitals, schools and banks are not built by us but by others, but we reap the rewards of their hard work, in the future others should reap the rewards of our hard work. He encouraged seniors and others to build a culture of savings. He also felt that MCC Bank has retained the trust of customers over the years.

Kusuma U Rao, said MCC Bank is like his parental home. She commended MCC Bank for its growth as one of the premier cooperative banks in the coastal region of Karnataka.

Benet DSilva, thanked the bank for being the main reason for his business success. He appreciated the sincere efforts and hard work of the staff members in the success of the bank.

On this occasion, customers who celebrate their birthday in September were honoured. Senior customers were congratulated and honored with a shawl and a bouquet of flowers. Clients’ children who excelled in their academic and professional studies were honored.

As part of the meeting with customers, a public session was organized to share suggestions, opinions and complaints. Customers actively participated in this interactive session and shared their valuable suggestions.

President Anil Lobo, in his presidential speech, specified the reasons for holding the meeting of clients in all the branches on the occasion of the ten-year post-centenary celebration of the bank. He appreciated the Kulshekar branch for the tremendous growth in deposits from 24 crores in 2018 to 60 crores in 2022 and advances from 9 crores to 22 crores. He explained that the bank made a net profit of Rs. 8.27 Crore with a net NPA of 1.60%. He commended the branch managers and staff members for their initiative and successful meeting with customers.

Vice Chairman Jerald Jude DSilva, Trustees David Dsouza, Andrew Dsouza, Harold Monteiro, Anil Patrao, Roshan Dsouza, Marcel M. Dsouza, Professional Trustees Sushanth Saldanha, Board Members, Alwyn P Monteiro, Felix DCruz, Sharmila Menezes, General Dy manager Raj Menezes, among others, was present.

General Manager Sunil Menezes explained the importance of meeting with customers. Branch Support Manager Irene Rebello welcomed the gathering. Branch Manager Wilma Jyothi Sequeira, offered a vote of thanks. Anil DCunha, compiled the program.

The employees of the MCC Bank Kulshekar branch, Naveen Crasta, Sanjeeth Rodrigues, Delita Dsouza, Roshan Sequeira, were actively involved in holding the meeting. More than 250 branch customers actively participated in the customer meeting.