Mixed weather conditions for the bank holiday weekend

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Met Éireann Weather Update

Any mist or fog will lift to leave a dry but mostly cloudy start to the day with a few scattered showers developing – mostly in the Atlantic counties. More general rains will arrive on the west and northwest coasts in the evening. Humid with highs ranging from 19 to 23 degrees, hottest and driest in the east and southeast, all in a mostly moderate southwesterly breeze.

Scattered outbreaks of rain will move across the country this evening, becoming persistent in the north and west with drier conditions in the southeast. A rather warm, humid and windy night with low temperatures of 14 to 17 degrees, in moderate to cool winds from the southwest.

Saturday will be mostly cloudy with occasional rain or showers, as well as low cloud and mist along some Atlantic coasts. Longer, drier episodes will also occur, with warm sunshine possibly moving through Atlantic counties. Highest temperatures 18 to 23 degrees, hottest in the southeast and east, in a generally moderate southwesterly breeze.

Mixed weather for the rest of the long weekend with occasional rain. Warmest conditions in the south and east.

A fairly calm Saturday night with bouts of rain moving across the country. The rain will likely be heaviest in the south and just patchy in the north. Some uncertainty remains on the track, however. Lowest temperatures 12-17 degrees, coolest in Ulster, very mild and humid in the south with some mist and fog too.

Rather dull to start Sunday with persistent bouts of rain, heaviest in the south. Clearings will develop however with just scattered showers following the afternoon. Highest temperatures will range from 17 to 23 degrees, hottest in southern counties in light northwesterly or variable winds.

Dry and calm for much of Sunday night but with some mist and fog. Further rainfall will begin to move across much of the southern half of the country later tonight. Lowest temperatures 10 to 16 degrees, mildest in southern and eastern counties.

Current indications are that Monday will be mostly dull with outbreaks of rain moving across the country, becoming heaviest in the afternoon and evening, with rolling hills, mist and coastal fog as well. Highest temperatures will hover between 17 and 22 or 23 degrees, in light to moderate southwesterly breezes.

Wet on Monday evening, locally damp and windy, all in moderate to cool southwesterly winds. Hot and muggy too with minimum temperatures of 14-18 degrees.

Tuesday will bring breezy outbreaks of showers but also with some hot sunny spells. Maximum temperatures of 18 to 24 degrees in strong winds from the southwest.