MTG Staples Breaks the Bank! Another $100 card emerges?

Dominaria United preview season is in full swing! Price fluctuations due to some wasted cards are very common. Spoiler seasons are meant to build hype, after all. A somewhat unusual trend is the overall increase in Commander commodity prices established over the past few weeks. Hope you picked them up while you could, because they’re expensive now!

fierce tutelage

Highlighted by several different market watches for MTG, Fierce Guardianship is the talk of the town. This card was only worth about $60 a week ago, but has since skyrocketed to around $85 on average! If that wasn’t enough, recent copies of Fierce Guardianship are selling for up to $100! Recent sales suggest that Fierce Guardianship could be a $100 card soon. If you want to buy one, doing so now could be a gamble. Since we are mid-peak, Fierce Guardianship might find a lower stabilization price. That said, current indicators show that the stabilized price could be higher than $85. Judging by the steep price increase this card is seeing in spoiler season, it’s unlikely Fierce Guardianship will see a reprint in the sets releasing soon.

It’s easy to see why fierce tutelage becomes so expensive. Demand is king, and Fierce Guardianship currently only has one print that wasn’t even part of a base set. Fierce Guardianship is free Deny as long as you have a Commander in play. Obviously, this card is considered one of the many must-haves in Commander.

dockside extortionist

dockside extortionist

Commander’s infamous Goblin is starting to return to its pre-reprint prices. As the Double Masters 2022 flood continues to slowly recede, Dockside Extortionist prices are slowly climbing. Many MTG players are quite frustrated with this as it seems that Dockside Extortionist is never under $50 Again. Dual Masters 2022 dockside extortionist stabilized around $60with constant sales between $50 and $70 being recorded.

Dockside Extortionist is famous for ending the game upon entering the battlefield. All Dockside really does is create a bunch of one-use mana, but since you can go back to Dockside, there are a ton of ways to break it. This card is so often the subject of social teasing in Commander that it recently appeared in an article discussing Commander’s social issues.

Small Commander Price Increases

crescendo of war

In addition to the two big hitters listed above, a few smaller price jumps in Commander staples can be notable. Crescendo of war was a card described by multiple sources last week that has continued to see a price increase this week. This card is much stronger than what it gives in a four-player game. If you want more information, we discussed this in a little more depth last week. Crescendo of War is approaching now $20. That’s a huge spike considering it was only worth $4 two weeks ago.

klauth, an unequaled elder

A new Game Knights has appeared! As MTG’s first Commander, it’s no surprise to see game results affect market prices to some degree. Klauth, Elder Without Equal is able to create a ton of mana as soon as it spins sideways. An Ur-Dragon deck on Game Knights used this ability to create a vast swing of tempo on the table! Klauth is currently hovering at $10.75a $5 increase from the end of July.

How will Dominaria United affect the market?

We’ve seen a lot of cool effects coming out of MTG’s most recent spoilers, and it’s probably only going to take a little while for the market to start moving accordingly. While these Commander moves are more likely reacting to the strong possibility that these cards won’t see reprints (among competitive Commanders becoming a more popular format), there could be a myriad of reasons for the movement of these cards. Heck, the Fierce Guardianship spike could be a targeted buyout, but that’s unlikely.