Muvattupuzha Urban Bank evicts two children, ties up a house; Deputy Kuzhalnadan breaks the sealed lock and lets them in

Congressman Mathew Kuzhalnadan broke the lock on the sealed door of a home, tied up by the Muvattupuzha Urban Co-operative Bank for defaulting on a loan, Saturday night.

The MP who smashed the sealed lock with a hammer said he was prepared to face any legal action that may arise as a result of his action.

The incident happened at 8:30 p.m. in the 12th district of Paipra Panchayat in Muvattupuzha, the MP’s constituency.

Kuzhalnadan shared a video of the incident on his Facebook page, in which he said “no matter which court issued the order, locking the door throwing two children out of the house at night is unacceptable.”

Two of the four children in the “SC family” had been locked out by the bank which had planted a sign at the scene saying the property had been seized.

In the video, the MP and his colleagues can be heard arguing with female police officers – who were there to allegedly stop the activists from breaking in – asking them to summon bank officials.

After police officers said that more than an hour and a half had passed since the bank announced it was sending an official to the scene, the deputy, who was sitting on the veranda, got up. a jump saying, “We’ve tried everything, we’re going to open.”

According to the MLA, the family had defaulted on a loan of Rs 1.5 lakhs taken from Urban Bank. “These two children are the eldest. Their father has a heart condition and was taken to General Hospital today. The mother has left and these children were at home when the bank foreclosed on the property.

“Several such activities are taking place in the state pursuant to the SARFAESI Act (Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Interest on Securities Act of 2002),” he said.