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No expensive gifts or credit cards – Billionaire Mark Cuban’s strict and humble parenting style – His teenage daughter Alexis took summer jobs instead of vacationing in the Hamptons. His mansions have no butlers or chefs, and everyone takes care of the household chores.

“I don’t want them to be allowed to be jerks,” is what billionaire Mark Cuban said about raising his kids. If the shark has declared it, there is little chance that the small fish will swim in another direction. Cuban and his wife Tiffany Stewart’s parenting plans for their three children, Alexis, Alyssa and Jake, are crystal clear. The couple aim to instill specific values ​​in their children, like understanding the importance of money and raising them as a working-class family (despite being worth nearly $4 billion). It also explains why her first born Alexis Cuban comes across as easy-going, positive and pleasant. Her Instagram is full of endearing family moments and lots of fun memories with friends and life in Dallas. Clearly a daddy’s girl, Alexis has her dad wrapped around her little finger, not in a bratty way but in a relatable, entertaining, and acing-TikTok way. Let’s take a look at the beautiful father-daughter relationship that one of the world’s most enterprising men has forged with his eldest and how he does it perfectly well:

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Alexis Cuban is a Dallassite through and through:
Born to parents Mark Cuban and Tiffany Stewart, the 19-year-old lived, grew up and studied in Dallas. She is the eldest of three children who grew up in upscale Preston Hollow. Her younger siblings are Alyssa, 16, and her 12-year-old brother, Jake. Alexis recently graduated from the prestigious Hockaday School, an independent and secular preparatory day school for girls located in Dallas, Texas. Tuition costs average $32,000 for high school students.

Mark Cuban posted a heartwarming video about his recent graduation with throwback footage “I can’t believe you graduated.” The bottom score – The eldest daughter is still the female version of her father speaks volumes about her feelings.

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Mark Cuban’s house has rules, chores and lots of family time –
Cuban and his wife take a page from Bill and Melinda Gates’ parenting book. The Dallas Maverick owner makes sure his kids help with daily chores. Cuban and Tiffany set an example by being active parents who cook their kids dinner and put them to bed at night. Alexis and her siblings received a traditional upbringing with a nanny present only during the work week and no private chef or butler. “Then the rest of the weekend is just us,” Cuban told Business Insider. “We put them to bed. It’s us at dinner. We try to be as normal as possible. The very idea of ​​someone serving you, this and that, is not us.

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Mark, the billionaire, instilled a hard worker in Alexis
“I’m not going to write you any checks. You don’t just get a credit card. You can’t just buy what you want,” Cuban shared. He also pointed out how 16-year-old Alexis did an internship over the summer instead of lounging around the Hamptons: “My 16-year-old boy did an internship this summer. She’s worked and done a good job and earned her own money – and when she earns it, she can spend it on whatever she wants. He also shared a tidbit about her frugal nature, “She still saves it for the most part, so I give her credit.”

Via Instagram / @alexiscuban

Via Instagram / @alexiscuban

Alexis does not show off his family fortune on social networks:
In fact, there is no pretension. There are no glimpses of lavish mansions or vacation homes. Nor any selfies taken inside the Guinness World Book record $40 million private jet owned by his wealthy father. A lot of credit goes to his parenthood. “I’m not the dad who comes home with a ton of presents,” he recently told Business Insider. “I’m the dad who says, ‘Pick it up. Take that; put it in the sink. No, you have to win this. I want them to recognize that the only thing special about themselves is what they do for themselves.

Alexis grew up in a huge French chateau-style house that spans 7 acres. The 23,676 square foot mansion has ten bedrooms and sixteen bathrooms in the main house. The super luxurious home flaunts a pool, spa, basketball court, and even a full-size tennis court. In addition to this family home, the Cuban clan relaxes at their California home, aka the Laguna Beach vacation home. This 7,867 square foot property has six bedrooms, six full bathrooms and three half bathrooms, according to Fancypantshomes.

Via Instagram / @alexiscuban

The Cuban billionaire knows how to have fun with Alexis without breaking the bank:
Anyone who follows Mark Cuban on Instagram knows that the dad loves making TikTok videos with his kids, Alexis in particular. The wealthy ABC star appreciates these little moments and shares them with her fans, who can guarantee that with Alexis taking over her world, the American billionaire will no doubt miss those lighthearted moments and adorable dance lessons from Alexis. .

It’s refreshing to see a money-earning shark enjoying the ordinary things in life; meals at iHop, trips to Disneyland and vacations to the Cayman Islands; Mark Cuban gets an A on the parents’ report card.