Palestinian trying to damage West Bank fence killed by Israeli troops

A Palestinian who tried to damage the West Bank border fence was shot dead by Israeli soldiers, the army said on Sunday.

The man, who has been identified as Nabil Ghanem, 53, from a village near Nablus, was spotted by Israeli soldiers near the town of Qalqilya as part of a group trying to damage the safety barrier using tools they had brought with them.

According to the IDF, troops opened fire on the group, killing Ghanem in the process. The incident is still under investigation. No casualties were reported on the Israeli side.

Ghanem was barred from entering Israel for security reasons, according to the IDF. Meanwhile, Palestinian sources say he was just a workaholic.

The incident comes just days after three Palestinian gunmen were killed after opening fire on Israeli troops last Friday night.

These recent events could once again heighten tensions between Israel and the Palestinians in a repeat of recent months when Islamist terrorists, both Palestinian and Arab Israeli, launched a series of attacks that claimed the lives of nearly of 20 Israelis in the space of a month.

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Bank border fence (Photo: Eric Marmor) ” aria-hidden=”false”/>הפירצות בגדרBank border fence (Photo: Eric Marmor) ” aria-hidden=”false”/>

A breach in the West Bank border fence

(Photo: Eric Marmore)

In response, Israel launched a massive counterterrorism operation across the West Bank with the aim of breaking up terrorist networks and seizing illegal weapons.

It also comes as the United States had asked both sides to de-escalate the situation ahead of President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority next month.

Meanwhile, a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel over the weekend was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, breaking a two-month lull in the Palestinian enclave.

Hours later, IDF warplanes hit several targets in Gaza, which the military said were Hamas weapons manufacturing facilities and positions.