Queen’s funeral: what to do in Edinburgh this bank holiday if you don’t want to attend the funeral?

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Most shops are closed today, but some will open at 5 p.m. once the funeral is over. Most museums, galleries, historic sites and tourist attractions are also closed, as are cinemas. And even if you head to the pub, you might find the funeral is being shown on TV.

Here are some ideas for enjoying the holiday your way:

Go for an autumn walk

The Met Office says there is little chance of rain in and around Edinburgh today (September 19) and there could even be some sunny spells breaking through the clouds.

So why not take a chance on some healthy exercise and get out into the countryside for a long walk and enjoy while so many people are glued to the TV?

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Here are some things to do this public holiday in Edinburgh if you don’t want to attend the Queen’s funeral

Bake a cake

If you don’t feel like venturing far, you can head to the kitchen and use the time to bake a cake, bake some scones or try a new recipe and maybe surprise your family or friends with a culinary treat. .


If you’re trying to avoid the funeral, you can go for a walk. It’s the Union Canal on a beautiful fall day. Photo: Alex Orr.

Here’s your chance to start that project you’ve been thinking about for weeks and never got around to doing – or do that boring job that’s been on your mind for a while and now you can get out of the way and don’t need to s worry again.

the hunting house

If you are considering moving, why not take the day to explore the possibilities further? Estate agents may be closed, but you can always look in their storefronts or online and see what’s available, or go for a drive around the part of town you like to make sure it’s the kind of place you want. where you want to live.

Read a book

In our busy lives, there is so little time to sit down and enjoy reading a book. Here comes a day when you might be able to take some time for yourself and try out a new novel or find an old favorite in your library.

Meet a friend

You’re probably not the only one who doesn’t want to attend the funeral. If you have some like-minded friends who might also be looking for something to do, why not give them a call and see if they want to meet up. If the cafes are closed, you can invite them for coffee or drop by.

Binge watch sets

If you don’t feel like walking around, don’t feel like cooking or tinkering, and can’t find a book you like or a friend who’s free, there’s always TV – not for watch the funeral, but to catch up on the latest boxes you haven’t had a chance to see yet.