Rating Dave Meltzer’s ratings for WWE Money in the Bank

One of the most exciting parts of watching a pay-per-view wrestling, or Premium Live Event as WWE calls it, is giving each match a star rating, from -5 to 5, and then watching how it compares to the numbers. presented by Dave Meltzer, the founder of The Wrestling Observer and the premier wrestling match evaluator since the 1980s.

Although Meltzer himself occasionally breaks his own ratings, with Kenny Omega-Okada and FTR-Briscoes matches reaching six-star status or even higher, for the most part a solid match is around a two, one good game is a three, and a good game is a four, with each bit better earning an extra quarter, half, or even three quarter stars towards the “perfect” rating of 5.

Confusing? You bet; just ask the fan who asked why Orange Cassidy-Will Ospreay didn’t get a 5 star rating at Forbidden Doorbut generally the number is consistent with Meltzer’s personal scale and can therefore be used as an interesting tool from which to compare to one’s own eye test.

Fortunately, with the most recent issue of The Observer officially on the digital shelf, the star rating for Money in the bank have been officially dropped into the wrestling world for fans to analyze, criticize and rate each other like we will now.

Rating The Wrestling Observer’s ratings on WWE’s Money in the Bank.

Women’s Bank Money Ladder Match – 3 .25

The Money in the Bank Ladder Match is one of the hardest matches to quantify numerically because there is so much going on during this match that leads to the eventual outcomes.

Results wise, booking Liv Morgan to win the match was brilliant, as the 28-year-old has been underutilized for some time now, has a very passionate fan base, and as a RAW performer has created an intrigue on which belt she would do it. attempt to cash out. The way the promotion happened, however, was not so smooth. With several spots that probably didn’t go to plan, including one where Shotzi landed his tailbone on an exposed ladder, the match wasn’t exactly a technical masterclass in the best possible uses of ladders in a wrestling ring, but it was effective and therefore probably deserved a slightly higher rating than the 3.25 Meltzer distributed.

CP Rating – 3.75

Bobby Lashley vs Theory – 3.25

Although the build-up didn’t take long and featured more poses than traditional wrestling, Bobby Lashley finally getting Theory a chance in a traditional match was one of the most anticipated fights of the entire event.

For the most part, things went as advertised.

While Theory tried his best not to have a big wrestling match with his much taller nemesis, instead trying to sulk around the ring before picking his spots to try and steal a win, “The Almighty One” had little time for such charades and after seeing his foe counter a spear attempt by falling into a fetal position, he took care of the then-champion for the 1-2-3 with a one-way in the Hurtlock.

Just watching Theory sulk should be worth an extra half star on its own.

CP rating – 4

Bianca Belair vs. Carmella – 2

Okay, maybe this is the first note on Meltzer’s list that is genuinely controversial. Yes, Carmella isn’t exactly known for being an efficient worker, yes the match was probably the weakest of the series, and yes the psychology of Bianca Belair winning the match and then being beaten by Mella, who suddenly regained her full strength , was a bit of a fourth wall break. Still, it was one of the best matches of Carmella’s career, and Bianca Belair looked like a champ when the bell rang, even though the promotion eventually declined that moments later.

CP rating – 3

The Usos vs Street Profits – 4.5

*Hot Catch Alert* If this match didn’t end in a fancy finish, it’s a 5 star match any day of the week.

The Usos and the Street Profits have wrestled two dozen times and while their styles aren’t too different, they complement each other exceptionally well, like putting a piece of cheese on a burger. The Profits looked like the stars with their high-flying offensive style, the Usos played mind games with their opponents, and the winners – other than Jimmy and Jay – were the fans at home and in the arena screaming “It’s awesome” with everyone close to fall.

But this end! Damn, that ending was brutal! Even if he arranges another match at Slam summerwhich should also be very good, if Angelo Dawkins’ shoulder stays on the mat, the Usos come out on top, instead of having the mood deflated by promotion decisions, not in-ring work .

CP Rating – 4.75

Ronda Rousey vs. Natalya – 3.25

Before Liv Morgan rushed to the ring with the Money in the Bank briefcase, it was a 2.5 star match. It wasn’t particularly exciting, the outcome wasn’t particularly unpredictable, and the build-up to the feud had more misses than hits, including a very odd moment when Rousey tried to snatch a leather jacket from Natalya. .

But then Morgan ran into the ring, handed over her white briefcase, and 31 seconds later she was holding on with the SmackDown Championship Belt. The game that builds in there alone is worth a half star and worthy of a 3 star game any day of the week.

CP rating – 3

Men’s money in the bank – 4.25

After watching the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match earlier in the show and the momentum still high thanks to a successful cash-in from Liv Morgan, even the prospects of adding Theory to the match weren’t enough to thrill the fans. vibes of a really good Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match fight. There were some great spots outside the ring, great ladder rope spots and a particularly fantastic RKO from Theory to Seth Rollins from the top of two ladders.

Meltzer got this one right; it was an awesome match that could have been even better had it had a few more memorable spots.

CP Rating 4.25