Similarities between two bank robberies help police focus on interstate gang

Posted: Posted Date – 7:30 PM, Thursday – 7 Jul 22

Similarities between two bank robberies help police focus on interstate gang

Hyderabad: The striking similarities between the robberies at Grameena Vikas Bank (GVB) in Siddipet and Telangana Grameena Bank (TGB) in Bussapur village in Nizamabad within 24 hours helped police focus on an interstate gang used to commit meticulously bank robberies.

With the robbers taking all precautionary measures to prevent the police from collecting clues from the TGB, a police team from Nizamabad came to the GVB and searched the premises to find a small clue based on which the police department formed four special teams to catch the Inter – State Gang.

The robbers first struck at the GVB on July 1 and escaped with 83,017 rupees and the next day they committed the same offense at the TGB and carried away 8.3 kg of gold. Using two gas cylinders, they opened the steel vaults and took away the gold.

The gang had carefully damaged the single CCTV camera at the entrance to the bank. Police could only see a masked man reaching for the camera and later breaking it. A police official said the gang only committed the offenses after thoroughly examining the scene.

The gang members came from the back and took the stairs from the BSNL office and entered the TGB. “The gang left no clues at the TGB but through a small clue collected at the GVB, we uncovered the involvement of an interstate gang known to have committed bank robberies,” the official said.

Investigators also reviewed footage collected from business establishments on the highway from Siddipet to Bussapur spanning more than 100 km to get more clues about the gang. “We hope to arrest the gang members within a week,” police said.

Police also discovered that the gang members purchased the mask from a shop in Masaipet, Medak district. “We found the location of the shop using the mask cover abandoned at the TGB,” he said.