Six years in prison for the governor of the central bank

Judge Maytrie Kuldipsing sentenced the 48-year-old son of Education Minister Lilian Ferrier to eight years in prison following his conviction for breaching the anti-corruption law, forgery, embezzlement, money laundering and participation in a criminal enterprise.

Robert van Trikt, the former governor of the Central Bank of Suriname, will spend six years in prison for his role in a corruption case involving more than 800,000 dollars. According to The daily Heraldhe worked for just under a year before being dishonorably fired on January 30.

Judge Maytrie Kuldipsing condemned the 48-year-old son of the Minister of Education Lilian Ferrier at eight years following his conviction for violation of the anti-corruption law, counterfeiting, embezzlement, money laundering and participation in a criminal enterprise.

Yet he will only spend six years there as he had been behind bars since February 2020, according to Judge Kuldipsing. The judge said there was large-scale corruption in the case, but considered Van Trikt to be a first-time offender when sentencing. The prosecution had requested a 10-year sentence.

The judge found that the former CBvS Governor with and in association with then Finance Minister Gillmore Hoefdraad, former Central Bank Legal Affairs Director Faranaaz Hausil and former Director of the Postspaarbank of Suriname, Ginmardo Kromosoto, had committed acts to the detriment of the Central Bank.

In addition to the jail term, the former Central Bank official was also fined SR$500,000 (one ASRD = US$0.04) or alternatively 16 months behind bars.

Van Trikt shares

In her 80-page decision, she said the anti-corruption law applies to Van Trikt because he is a public official. There was no solid legal advice regarding the agreements he had signed and the bank’s supervisory board was unaware of the agreements.

Van Trikt, an accountant by profession, had recruited his business partner in his private accounting firm Orion, Ashween Angnoe, as an adviser.

The judge said that 625,000 euros (one euro = 1.29 USD) had been transferred for one of the projects and part of these funds had gone to Orion to repay loans from this private company.

Loans from Van Trikt’s wife were also repaid with part of these funds. Orion’s office building was also confiscated and confiscated, and the 625,000 euros must be repaid to the Central Bank of Suriname.

A Range Rover, which was also purchased with the embezzled money, was also confiscated.

Van Trikt had argued that he was innocent. Other defendants in this case were sentenced to three and five years in prison.

On Monday, the judge sentenced the former head of the legal department of the Central Bank of Suriname, Faranaaz Hausil, to three years in prison for corruption.

Judge Singh also imposed a fine of 100,000 SRD (one SRD = 0.04 USD) or an additional ten months in prison without imposing the sentence of four years in prison as requested by the prosecution.

In December last year, Hoefdraad was sentenced to 12 years in prison for corruption and fined SRD500,000.

The government had indicted Hoefdraad in connection with a criminal conspiracy to defraud the central bank while he was finance minister. According to Interpol’s notice requesting his arrest, Hoefdraad was charged with “participation in a criminal organization”, violating anti-corruption law, embezzlement and “aggravated embezzlement”.

Hoefdraad, who was convicted in absentia, served as CBvS governor between 2010 and 2015 before becoming finance minister to President Desi Bouterse, who served between 2010 and 2020.