Suspected serial bank robber dies at OKC as federal investigators close in

The search for a serial bank robber who shot a police officer nearly twenty years ago is finally over.

The Oklahoma City man died Sunday from a radio tower near southeast 66th and I-35.

According to court documents, his death comes as federal and state investigators closed in.

According to documents filed this week, Mark Long robbed seven banks in three states between 1998 and 2003. During his last robbery, reports show Long shot and injured a Texas police officer.

Under a cell phone tower, police discovered the body of 60-year-old Mark Long. A man who investigators believe is responsible for a series of bank robberies, two of which occurred in Oklahoma City in 1998 and 1999.

Still photos were captured during a 2003 robbery in Watauga, Texas.

At the time, investigators in North Richland Hills, Texas, a suburb of Fort Worth, dubbed the thief the “Cowboy Hat Bandit”.

According to court records, in what is believed to be the seventh and final bank robbery, Long entered the bank donning a cowboy hat, fake mustache and eye patch.

After demanding money and running away at full speed, an officer on a motorcycle tried to arrest Long when Long shot him five times, once hitting him in the ankle.

North Richland Hills police recently got a break in the case, after connecting DNA left at Long’s crime scenes to DNA entered by a relative into a public genealogy database.

Undercover investigators from Texas tracked that DNA to Oklahoma City, where they tracked Long from his house to a restaurant in February. There they picked up Long’s straw, fork, and spoon.

This DNA taken from these objects matched what DNA investigators say was left at multiple crime scenes.