Credit cards

TikToker goes viral showing how easy it is to steal credit cards at 7-Eleven

A Tiktoker, Will Hunter, aka willhunter908 has gone viral after showing how easy it can be to steal credit card data at 7-Eleven.

A series of credit card scams have begun to cement themselves in 7-Eleven and a Tiktoker has documented how easy it is for these criminals to perform the act.

Essentially, skimmers are illegal devices that sit on top of card readers. This gives thieves easy access to your information so they can withdraw money from your account or purchase items with your card details.

A Tiktoker has gone viral after it started highlighting these scams, showing what they look like and how common they are.

The viral video shows Hunter holding a fake plate he found in 7-Eleven. He goes on to show his disbelief at finding another skimmer after reporting that he’s been a victim of it before. After showing the skimmer, he made the remark “That’s fucking crazy” and continued by refusing to pay by card. After his disbelief subsided, Hunter picked up the skimmer and started pulling it out of the store. The cashier tried to stop him saying “you can’t do that, man”, but the video cuts out before we see what happens next.

While we may not know what will happen next, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to KGO-TV that a skimmer was reported at a 7-Eleven, suggesting they got it down quickly. reported to the police and that action had been taken to prevent it from happening. Again.

What becomes clear from this viral video is that you can never be too careful when using your card or sharing your card details. Especially after a series of similar reports confirmed by KGO-TV. Fortunately, viral videos like Hunters help shoppers be more careful and protect themselves and their credit cards.