Timo Digital Bank has officially announced Truong Twins as Inspirational Ambassadors for the “Defy the Odds, Fuel Your Passion, Love the Game You Play” campaign.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, August 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As a pioneering digital bank in VietnamVSOVIDE pushed Timo to reposition itself as a social bank focused on community connection and sustainable growth. As a result, in recent times, Timo has shown a strong commitment to every community he partners with, to always be an understanding friend, a long-term partner who could create emotional experiences in a way that no bank can. never exploited.

Mr. Jonas Eichhorstdirector and chief financial officer of Timo Digital Bank shared“Sports in general and basketball in particular are great people connectors. As a pioneering social bank and catalyst for sustainable growth, we want people to stay on top of their financial needs and help them feel connected, whether through features like payment requests, or bringing people together to learn more about managing their finances and living responsibly, especially for the younger generation. Our growth direction for Timo is deeply rooted in our commitment to a thriving and sustainable community in the near future.

All the success and excitement of SEA Games 31 with from vietnam The men’s and women’s basketball team in the heat of Thanh Tri Stadium had made Timo see the basketball community as our next challenge and prepare to join Vietnamese basketball history.

Truong Twins created a positive and inspired young Vietnamese to live life to the fullest – Cre:Timo

The Story of “Defying the Odds, Fueling Your Passion, Loving the Game You Play”

Truong Twins – #11 Kayleigh Truong Thao Mon and #14 Kaylynne Truong Thao Vy are Vietnamese American twin sisters currently located in United States. These two talented girls are among the minority of Asian American female players to receive athletic scholarships from Gonzaga University and now plays for the NCAA Women’s team.

During SEA Games 31, organized by Vietnam, Truong Twins was part of the women’s team and supported the country’s basketball “history” with a silver medal for the 3×3 games. From that moment, Thao My and Thao Vy have become idols that inspire young sports fans, spreading the love of the orange ball and becoming fundamentals for the growth of national women’s basketball.

The previous week, Truong Twins were proudly entitled to the shortlist of the 18 most influential names in American college basketball to become ambassadors for the Breaking Limits campaign. Their mission is to continue to spread the “Breaking Limits” message and inspire young athletes to pursue their dreams and passions.

SEA Games 31 is a milestone that bears witness to one of the earliest milestones in the history of basketball in Vietnam - Cre:Timo
SEA Games 31 is a milestone that bears witness to one of the earliest milestones in the history of basketball in Vietnam – Cre:Timo

Truong Thao My TwinsThao Vy share: “I love basketball because it is a universal sport. It gives us the chance to meet different people from different backgrounds. However, on our travels, we also have to deal with adversity. So many people have doubted us and said we didn’t belong and could fit in. But we wouldn’t be here, we wouldn’t be the person or the player we are today, without those barriers.

We would like to see continued fan support. These latest SEA Games show just how dedicated these fans are. They showed up to the game early and supported both men and women, especially on the women’s side. We’ve seen a huge fan base, so he just has the fan support to help keep us motivated. Moreover, we want to testify Vietnam compete at the highest possible level with FIBA ​​3×3 and 5×5 in the future.

We are thrilled to join Timo Digital Bank on this inspiring journey and have the chance to share the story of “Defying the odds, fueling your passion, loving the game you play”. We can’t wait to see from vietnam basketball community is growing and getting more attention. So, we, the young generation, will continuously pursue the innovative and positive lifestyle to follow what they desire until success, and then help create an incredible more Vietnam.”

M/s. Game Tran – Vice President of Public Relations and Communications, Timo Digital Bank said, “We are incredibly thrilled to see that Truong Twins #11 Kayleigh Truong Thao Mon and #14 Kaylynne Truong Thao Vy are talented young athletes who reflect Timo’s 4-color brand history and echo our core values ​​in their most authentic form. Beyond just an “icon”, the Truong Twins inspire Vietnam’s young generation to move towards a positive life, follow their dreams and play a vital role in supporting the upliftment of Vietnam’s women’s basketball scene. -ball. Timo is extremely proud to be a companion in this inspiring story!”