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Twitch Streamer xQc Looks Up Their Live Credit Score On Stream

Twitch streamers are no strangers to sharing their personal lives online, but xQc shares his credit score with his audience and explains his status.


Streamers are known to share various aspects of their lives with their audience, but Tic streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel may have overshared a bit. During a recent Twitch livestream, the popular streamer looked at his credit score and explained why it wasn’t higher.

Twitch viewers are usually taken for a wild ride on most xQc live streams as the gaming expert flips from game to game. The popular streamer is known for browsing games such as Minecraft, GTA online, Bloons TD, Chessand Call of Duty. Beyond just playing games, xQc often reacts to videos and clips from other streamers, but sharing his credit score may be the most personal thing he’s done.


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Researching its credit score using the FICO score, xQc showed a “good” score of 718 out of 850 according to the US credit bureaus. After saying his credit score was GG, xQc explained why it wasn’t perfect and how the lower score ruined his life as a Twitch streamer, like the excessive police raids he suffered. According to xQc, a trip to the hospital during his Los Angeles streaming debut caused his previously flawless credit rating to drop significantly.

Before moving to the United States, xQc was a Canadian citizen and not used to paying hospital bills. The Twitch streamer said he “thought it was like Canada” and that’s why he forgot to pay the bill, hurting his credit rating. The longer an invoice remains unpaid, the more likely it is to affect your credit score and it wasn’t long before xQc ran into some billing issues that affected their credit.

After xQc moved a few times for security reasons, he tried to buy blinds for his new home two years after the Los Angeles hospital visit and he failed a credit check. Although the Twitch streamer had the funds to cover the blinds of around $3,000, the deal was halted due to xQc’s history of unpaid bills. After learning that he had failed the credit check, xQc assured the seller that he could afford the blinds. The seller told xQc that the purchase should be made through other methods following the credit check.

Because xQc has remained one of the most popular Twitch streamers for years, some viewers were surprised to see that xQc’s credit wasn’t higher. Although xQc admitted that his credit rating was down due to the hospital bill, xQc still earns enough money from donations, subscriptions, etc. of Twitch to cover such emergencies in the future. Although some viewers may have higher credit ratings than Tic streamer, some have gone so far as to call xQc’s credit bad.

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