Corporate bonds

Waberer International: issues corporate bonds worth 111 million euros


Waberer’s issues corporate bondss for 111 million euros

Budapest, April 1, 2022 – WABERER’S INTERNATIONAL Nyrt. (hereafter: “Company) announces that, today, the Company has subscribed for WABERERS 2032/1 EUR Kotveny (ISIN: HU0000361662) corporate bonds by private placement. The total nominal value of the bonds is 111 million euros and the nominal value of each bond is EUR 100,000, with a fixed interest rate and a 10-year maturity. The bonds will be amortized by 10% per year between the 5th and the 9thand year and 50% within 10and year. In line with the strategy – presented in December 2021 – the Company plans to use the proceeds from the bond issue to build its own warehouse, fund regional acquisitions and fleet replacement, and refinance existing loans.

Zsolt Barna, CEO of Waberer’s, commented: “ I am pleased that, even in the current unpredictable market conditions, the source of long-term funding, necessary for continued growth, has been secure for Waberer. In the years to come, Waberer’s will be able to increase its competitiveness, further improve our basic infrastructure and geographically expand our successful contract logistics operations.”



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