Why Die Hard With A Vengeance’s Bank Heist Got The Real FBI’s Attention

The heist and filming of “Die Hard with a Vengeance” was ambitious business, if only because it involved so much of New York City. Simon holds an entire town hostage, sending McClane and worried store owner/father Zeus Carver — played by Samuel L. Jackson, aka this movie’s best standalone part — on a wild goose chase. Over the course of the film, a department store and subway explode, the duo dodge pedestrians crossing Central Park, a dam is destroyed and an aqueduct floods, oh, and the citywide police department launches a school-by-school bomb search. .

But as Uproxx reports, when some officials looked at Hensleigh’s script, the only thing they really cared about was the writer’s knowledge of a certain vault — or more specifically — how to get into it:

“When the script was approved by all the authorities in New York, obviously the New York Police Department had to read the script for a number of reasons. One day I got a call from the FBI. They were extremely concerned about how I knew so much about the Federal Reserve, and how the Federal Reserve vaults were really close to a subway spur, and logistically on the aqueduct tunnel, etc. The Reserve , it’s because they let us off. They showed us. The reason I know that a subway branch line is very close to the arch and you can actually dig a tunnel, that’s is because they showed us the plans and the route. And the reason I know there’s an aqueduct tunnel that goes through Manhattan and you can run these trucks through is because I read about it in the New York Times Sunday Magazine. I really don’t have any kind of knowledge. exclusive secret session that I should ‘not.'”

Imagine the palms the officers interrogating Hensleigh might have given each other after his response. It’s both hilarious and a bit bizarre that he wrote a heist that put the FBI on high alert with just a magazine and a “Can I see the safe, please?” In fact, it’s not too different from how Simon himself enters the bank on the pretext of exchanging currency, but even then doesn’t make it to the vault unaided. If the Grubers have a third brother, he should be planning a heist under the guise of a screenwriter trying to get specific details for his movie – that’s what gets you to the vault floor.